In the NOW: Get up & GO! with easyJet

easyJet Get-Up-&-Go travelkitImagine: you wake up in the morning, and you have this urge of taking a break. Just like that. On a whim. easyJet encourages you to do so!

You can fly away and wake up (for free!) with two of your likeminded friends in a different city in Europe than the dull, usual entourage you already know. Don’t we all deserve a little change of scenery every now and then? easyJet takes care of the flight and stay. All you need to do is to be packed and ready to GO!

How it works? Well, very easy.
• Like easyJet on Facebook (don’t forget to check the ‘receive alerts’-box below the ‘LIKE’ button to make sure you’re on time)
• As soon as the ‘Get up & GO’- alarm goes off, a location will be revealed where you and your friends must be the first to appear
• Take two friends, your passport, hand luggage and GO!

Forgot your undies or toothbrush? No probs! easyJet has that covered for you too!

easyJet Get-Up-&-Go meldpunt

To get in the mood for fun Europe by easyJet destinations you might end up with the ‘Get up & GO’-alarm, click here.

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