Friday Fashion Envy: The Small Chloé Elsie

FFE_chloe_elsie1Spring calls out for a new bag. In the color of the season of course, which is yellow. 

How could I have foreseen that a yellow bag would be part of this Spring musthave staples when I bought one exactly a year ago? I’ve hesitated a long time, because at first I believed that the usual black would be a safer color, but I can now say that my yellow bag is one of my favorites as it brightens up a lot of my outfits.

So for this Friday Fashion Envy it is all yellow again. This compact cutie is Chloé’s ‘Elsie‘. It has a boxy shape with a gold chain shoulder strap and it’s made of goat leather with a blush lamb lining. We especially like the twist-lock fastening that has a bit of a flower shape.


The Elsie works very well with any kind of pastel and nude outfit. You’ll be surprised how easy  this little yellow bag matches many other colors! One of our suggestions for a classic casual dressed Friday look inspired by the effortless Parisian chic (we’re in Paris as we speak): a striped top, white jeans and a pair of loafers. Plus, last week’s Prada sunnies to complete the whole.

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