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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_26mrt_Sas_1Sacha took out the leopard print today! A nice contrast with her blue high waist blue skinny jeans and black top. The only thing missing was Katy Perry’s ‘Roarrr’ as a background tune.

We’re actually happy that the leopard print has now become somewhat of a classic print. We’ve seen it in so many different executions, and most of them are far from tacky. Leopard print can be incorporated in any look; from bohemian to hipster.


What Sacha is wearing:
Coat: Zalando
High waist skinny jeans: H&M
Black top: WE fashion
Necklace: boutique somewhere in France
Shoes: Topshop
Rings: H&M
Lipstick: Lancôme Lip Lover

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WWA_26mrt_Sas_4 WWA_26mrt_Sas_3 WWA_26mrt_Sas_5

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