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Thursday Treat: BAR/KITCHEN at Nhow Rotterdam

Nhow_food1Even though the Nhow Rotterdam is located in an area where there’s enough offering of restaurants, we felt like ‘staying in’ for dinner as well during our stay in this amazing hotel.

The fact that one doesn’t have to leave the building to find entertainment is kind of refreshing. After meeting up with a friend for drinks at the bar/lounge, we had dinner in the dining area of the hotel. There is choice to be seated at higher bar-like tables or regular tables which can be joined together for larger groups.


As for the menu, it has a small portion dining concept like many restaurants have nowadays, but we don’t mind because we like to taste different dishes. There’s also a weekly chef selection of 4 dishes for a fixed price. We preferred to eat à la carte. The prices are very reasonable; starting at €5 for a soup up to €13 for fish or meat.

We had the salade niçoise with a slice of grilled tuna as a starter, the salmon in phyllopastry and the coquilles with truffle and brioche bread as a main. We concluded our meal with two desserts: the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and the banana/caramel cheesecake.

The food is based on local cuisine with a global twist. It is all fresh and savoury, the portions are indeed not very big, so for the men we would recommend the 4 dishes for a consistent meal. The wine menu is varied; white, red, rosé or sparkling. Most important wine producing countries are covered in the selection, such as France, Italy, Spain, South-Africa, New-Zealand, Austria, Australia, the US and Chili. To accompany our meal we had the Boschen Blanc from Franschhoek, South-Africa.

BAR/KITCHEN at the Nhow Hotel
Wilhelminakade 137
3072 AP Rotterdam
+31(0)10 2067600

Stay tuned for our hotel review.

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