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The Fashion Eye: Don’t Cry in Front of the Bananas

Striped dress: H&M
Shoes: Tosca Blu


On The Digitalistas we’re about ‘sharing is caring’. When we come across talented people -wether in writing or other creative outlets- we offer them a stage to display these talents. Recently we met photographer Laura Andalou of which we proudly present the editorial: ‘Don’t Cry in Front of the Bananas.’ Read about Laura’s inspiration below:

This is a photo shoot inspired by the dark side of Pop Art, where the gloom can be found behind the colorful commercial splendor. Pop Art was an art movement that mainly manifested itself in the 60’s, where art as mass production was used as a counter reaction against the hitherto elitist character. Although the work of Richard Hamilton was considered that era, Andy Warhol was probably the most famous artist in Pop Art history.

Pink dress: COS

His work showed colorful, screen print images which were mass produced in the Factory. Less well known is the dark and sad side of Andy’s work. In his early work , he hinted that somewhat , but the magnificence of his later work had an undertone that was not immediately apparent.
Transience and melancholy is what we want to show with this editorial. The banana is a reference to the album cover of The Velvet Underground; Warhol’s music project with Lou Reed. The sadness is not visible to the naked eye, but behind the images : Do not Cry in Front of the Bananas.

Watch the behind the scenes video below:


Photography: Laura Andalou
Styling: Julia Muller
MUA: Xiomara Virdo
Hair: Martin Wentzel
Model: Elisabeth @ Rocket Garage
Film: Sascha Luna
Jumper & skirt: Zara
Earrings: H&M
Top & pants: Stieglitz
Bag: River Island
Top with polkadots: H&M
Dress with polkadots: vintage
Clutch: Tosca Blu
Yellow jumper: River Island
Pink skirt: H&M
Orange top: River Island
Jumper & skirt: COS
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