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Mark your man with Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick by Estée Lauder

PC_Envy_Gatefold_Products_onlyIt’s almost an iconic duo: me and my lipstick. And I’m always on the search for my new ‘favorite’. When Estée Lauder invited us to the launch of the Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick, I couldn’t wait to review this one.

Estée Lauder wanted to create a lipstick, which would make you feel sexy, confident and powerful. The Pure Color Envy comes in 20 colors (actually 21, since there’s 1 online exclusive); from different shades of nudes to bright and colorful reds, pinks and plums. Estée was going for ‘the perfect lipstick’. And this product actually is heading that way. Not only the color is quite intense, but this lipstick also hydrates and stays on for over more than 6 hours.

There are so many colors to choose from, but I finally decided about two: Envious and Defiant Coral. Envious is your perfect red lipstick, just the way a red lipstick has to be. Defiant Coral is a combination of my two favorite colors: bright pink and coral. This makes Defiant Coral the perfect color! Great for spring. I am  still craving for the colors Vengeful Red (a darker red) and Insolent Plum (purple).

PC_Envy_Model_Shot_Global_ex_Asia_Expires_July__14The first time I put on the Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick, I wanted to know how long it would last. So I drank a glass of champagne (I love to act decadent), ate a few bites, and you know what? My lipstick was still opaque and had not smudged. The next best way to test your lipstick is with a kiss. Men love women with lipstick; they (hopefully) think it’s sexy, but just to look at. To kiss a woman with lipstick, that’s a whole other story. But if I have something in mind, I get my way. So, yes, my lipstick and I got kissed. For all the ladies out there, here is the test result: this lipstick actually stays put during a somewhat tacky yet romantic kiss. The only thing is, you’re no longer the only one with the lipstick on. I marked my man with a subtle shade of Defiant Coral on his lips. Well, at least everybody could see he was with me. And for the lipstick, I’m a fan! I love all the colors, the smell (oh yes!) and I’m very glad the lipstick hydrates for such a long time (has something to do with the Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex).

This new Estée Lauder lipstick is available from March 3rd and costs about €32,-. Check their recently launched webshop for more information and other great products by Estée Lauder.

Text: Sacha de Vries

PC-Envy-Scuplting-Lipstick_Insolent-Plum_No-Cap_Global_No-Expiration PC-Envy-Scuplting-Lipstick_Powerful_with-Cap_Global_No-Expiration PC-Envy-Sculpting-Lipstick_Defiant_No-Cap_Global_No-Expiration

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