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In the NOW: Once Upon A Time I Was

OnceUponATimeIwas_1Does it ever cross your mind to write an autobiography, but you don’t know how to go at it? Just start! Your family and (your future) offspring will be thankful you did some day!

This guided diary will help you structure your memories in the shape of a book. The playful design of each page alternated with questions, space for pictures, little drawings, lists of your favorite things, your memories and more will make it easier and a fun thing to do.

If you feel your own life ain’t cool or interesting enough to share, it’s also a nice gift for someone whom you think has loads of stories to tell; your flamboyant aunt, rockstar cousin, or globetrotting and couch-surfing sister.


‘Once Upon A Time I Was…’ is created by Lavinia Bakker and published by BIS Publishers. Price: €17


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