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In the NOW: Michelin star food to go?

&samhoud_food_ahSupermarkets are quite a hot topic at the moment. Wether it’s Chanel and the supermarket decor of their latest show, or the news about a Michelin star awarded chef Moshik Roth to create meals to go for Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn.

It’s an interesting development. More chefs seem to collaborate with supermarkets, and hopefully this will have effect on the lack of diversity we cope with in comparison to the supermarkets abroad.

For Albert Heijn, and under the umbrella of his new venture &Samhoud Food -which he runs with entrepreneurial partner Salem Samhoud- Moshik Roth developed four meatless meals, as he believes in the sustainable and healthy properties of vegetables opposed to meat. Starting March 31 you’ll be able to choose from &couscous, &chili sin carne, &moussaka and &lasagna at 390 AH supermarkets, 30 AH’s TO GO and via

Image via @MarjanIppel – Talkin Food

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