Friday Fashion Envy: Isabel Marant ruffle silk skirt

FFE_Isabel_Marant_ruffle_silk_skirtWe’re in a ruffle mood. Blame it on yesterday’s fab weather, but we can’t wait to go bare legs in this floral skirt from Isabel Marant.

The breezy look of this ruffled silk skirt oozes summer, cocktails, festivals and fun. Its waist is comfortable and elastic, so you can wear it a tad lower on the hips for that nonchalant bohemian look. The lightweight silk-chiffon fabric will adapt to the movements of your unwinding rythm.

Pair the skirt with a basic cotton tank top, a slouchy V-neck T-shirt or a cropped top for the dare devils. When it comes to the shoes we agree on a pair of sandals. Flat, leather, gladiator style.

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