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Sans Soucis anti oxWe all know the importance of eating our vitamins – but what about feeding your skin directly with vitamin goodness? Skincare line Sans Soucis has developed an anti-ageing moisturizer that’s packed full of precious vitamins to protect, heal and nourish your skin.

The Anti-Ox Firming 24 Hour Care formula is made using a mix of grape extract, plant squalane, vitamin E acetate and thermal spring water from Baden-Baden. This combination of ingredients works around the clock to tighten skin’s structure while increasing elasticity, density and strength. Miraculous grape seed extract can work to heal wounds, prevent skin cancer and reduce swelling. (It also has a slew of benefits for your internal health if consumed).


The thick and rich Anti-Ox Moisturizer Firming 24 Hour Care cream is developed without parabens, silicons, mineral oil, PEG or colorants, plus it contains no animal substances. Without leaving skin greasy or shiny, it also works to protect skin against free radicals.

In the same way we want to fuel our bodies with healthy vitamins, we can now fuel our skin with it as well.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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