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Column: Time Management

Yaela_column2_1Hi there! my name is Yaela and I’m a workaholic, a mom, a marketer and a perverted lover of all things hospitality. Fortunately I get to combine most of the above in my marketing agency Typhoon Hospitality. Every two weeks I share a glimpse into my often chaotic, unglamorous and insane life with you. Buckle up y’all, it’s going to be a bumpy ride….

Time management. I hate that term. No, literally…I HATE it. It implies time is a thing that can be managed. A beast that can be tamed. It simply can not. Or at the very least, I simply can not.

I used to be one of those self-righteous people, convinced that if you couldn’t get everything done in time, you simply weren’t efficient enough. I take it back. All of it. I apologize to all I’ve once treated to this sermon and to all that simply got away with a disapproving look.

Somehow I have turned from being the one who’s always (to many a persons annoyance) at least 15 minutes early, to the one who is not fashionably- but plain rudely late. Luckily I work in an industry of creative, high-functioning kings of chaos, so my inability to keep my watch in check, is not unusual.

Given my vow to share the real stories with you -let’s call it the story of Yaela #nofilter- Have a sneak peek into my (often desperate) attempts to manage my life…(all images in the gallery)

PHOTO 1: (feature image) I LOVE hotel breakfast buffets. In order to speed up my morning routine, I’ve created my own granola bar.


PHOTO 2: Surrounded by multi-tasking foodies, just like myself. Love the ladies behind the great initiative ‘vanchefs’. Who else can bring a laptop and a zucchini to a meeting and get away with it?

PHOTO 3: Why not combine business with pleasure? An amazing selection of sushi makes this MOMO brainstorm with the team the best ever. I think we need to meet more often guys *wink*

PHOTO 4: No time for tanning? Lunch in the sun with the Typhoon team.

PHOTO 5: Sometimes we just need to cool down after a long day. No better way than with a health Froyo from the cool international brand Yogen Früz. Typhoon’s Rachel & Cathelijn don’t seem to mind.

PHOTO 6: Working late again. Some salmon skin roll eases the pain. That and the fact that my job is awesome.

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