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Valentine cards…oh boy!

StudioJonadontkeepmewaitingDon’t know about you, but despite having passed a certain age when these things should have become less important, on Valentine’s Day we still anxiously look at our mailbox (both the online and the offline version of it). Is there a Valentine’s card in there???

These are usually the sugar sweet cards with huggy bears, blow kisses, cute baby animals or anything with a heart printed on them…there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variation in the themes. Especially for the guys. They want to show off to their friends when they receive a Valentine’s card from their (secret) lover, and they’ll think twice before bragging about a card with huggy bears printed on it.

Research from Kaartwereld (from PostNL ) points out that the guys prefer a card with a more contemporary design or built in joke on the cover. As a result, asked several designers such as Kakhiel,, Studio Jona and Valezki to create alternative Valentine cards for the ‘dudes’. And you know what? Us girls think they’re kind of cool as well!


So, if you don’t want your guy to receive anything sweet and sugarcoated, show him you understand his way of thinking (they really appreciate that), and surprise him with a ‘message of L.O.V.E‘  he can rightfully brag about. He might even want to pin it on the wall with pride.

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