Undone by the Insiders

photo 2Want sexy, voluminous, perfectly tousled hair? Hair experts at Salon B have launched their own amazing line of hair styling products, called Undone by the Insiders.

“We put all our inside knowledge and expertise into our products,” say the Salon B hairdressers, stylists and colourists who have assisted in developing the Undone line. This unique collaboration has led to the creation of six must-have washing and styling products that make it easy to create that “perfectly undone” look.

The combination of high quality and natural ingredients leads to unique formulas that work to make hair healthier and stronger, while also providing a lasting professional finish.

So, are summery beachy waves on your mind? The Walk on the Beach Seaweed Shampoo will give you the look of perfectly windswept hair that’s full but light. Added seaweed is packed with minerals and vitamins like calcium and magnesium, which help hair to grow. Lavender oil moisturizes and leaves hair soft, while Hawaiian white ginger stimulates blood circulation of the scalp, which enhances hair’s natural shine.

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Since my hair is limp and fine, the Supernatural Thickening Cream is my must-have. Coconut oil, lavender oil and wheat amino acids make for one fab-smelling combination, giving my hair major body and volume without leaving a film or residue.

Packaging is also a plus – these goods are sure to look chic in your bathroom. The Insiders’ products are also free from parabens, perfumes and are not tested on animals.

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The Undone by the Insiders line is priced around the (very affordable) €20 mark, so they won’t break your bank account! Products can be purchased online and at Salon B locations throughout Holland – see here for a full list.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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