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Thursday Treat: The Harbour Club Rotterdam

THC_10An invitation to discover The Harbour Club in Rotterdam on a Tuesday evening got us in a cheerful mood. Starting with sushi and wine on the bus, we were well on our way for more treats.

It can be quite a challenge to drink/taste wine on a moving bus, but we all seemed to manage it. Sommelier Jaap did a little test with us, based on an experiment he had undergone before with Austrian glass manufacturer Riedel. It points out how important it is to serve wine in an appropriate glass. We had a plastic cup, a Sauvignon glass and a Chardonnay glass to experience the effect it has on the wine’s taste and smell. Two white wines were put to the test: Isabel, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and 12th Man Chardonnay from Australia (Adelaide). The outcome is indeed that the Sauvignon tastes better in the smaller glass, and the Chardonnay in the bigger glass. Serving the wine in the wrong glass spoils the effect of aromas and the flavours one should distinct on the tastebuds. Remember this: do never, ever serve a good wine in a plastic cup! That’s such a waste!

Upon arrival at The Harbour Club in Rotterdam, the difference with the venue in Amsterdam is immediately visible. Housed in the old building where Parkzicht used to be located, it has a different feel. The shape of a buiding and the way it’s furbished makes all the difference. Though the THC signature pops up with graffiti-like paintings on the wall and ceiling; one above the entrance bar, a mural opposite the bar and some other artworks on unexpectedly placed.THC_6

Before we got seated at our table we enjoyed different varieties of oysters such as the ‘Zeeuwse Creuses’, ‘Zeeuwse Plattes’, the Gillardeau (one of my favorites) and the Beia Maraa, but also a crispy baked oyster on a bed of spinach and Hollandaise sauce.

Our first course was a mixed platter of sushi, sashimi, pata negra, beef rolls and beef tataki. Couldn’t make me happier! (I am such a sushi and sashimi-addict). Next we had a lobster bisque, which was followed by the main course: Baked cod on a mash of pumpkin, spinach, a garlic gravy and gnocchi of herb and garlic. Delicious!

As a finale, the grand dessert was served so we could taste several desserts from the menu such as New York style cheese cake, a chocolate délice, crème brulée with a hint of lemon grass, raspberry/strawberry bavarois, panna cotta of cardamom and saffron, white chocolate & nougat ice cream and orange sorbet. Sweet tooth that we are, this was finger-licking good and we did not leave a crumble on the plate!

After visiting two of THC venues (The Harbour Club in Scheveningen and Ibiza remain on our list for a visit) , we can only conclude you’ll have a great time ahead of you (especially if you’re a fish and seafood lover) -either for a business dinner or recreational with friends or family. The ambiance is luxe but in a relaxed kind of way and they often have events; Sundays at Harbour Club or Lobster Monday. The latter offers you a lobster for €24,95.

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