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Thursday Treat: Fiskebar

Fiskebar_1 If you read our report about Antwerp, you must have noticed our mention on Fiskebar. In this Thursday Treat a more elaborate review on this fish- and seafood bistro.

Fiskebar is Scandinavian for Fish Bar, and it blends both the Scandi vibe as a French take on the bistro experience. As the word ‘bistro’ implies, don’t expect a venue to have the size of a regular restaurant. The decoration is basic with white tiles and black chalkboards with the menu written on them.Fiskebar-4

The kitchen is open (which is a bit of a disadvantage because of the fish fumes that get absorbed into our clothes, despite the ventilation) with a cooling refrigerator in front showcasing all the fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans, and a small bar.

What I like about the menu is that they have a no fuss approach of the preparation of the seafood. As a starter I had a fish soup (a regular mistake made in many restaurants is to name any fish soup a bouillabaisse, but a bouillabaisse has to contain specific fish that are only available in the Southern-French area of Marseille) which almost would have been enough as a meal. It had the right structure, a full and a tad spicy flavour, served with toasted bread and rouille, exactly the way it should. Sacha had a plate of langoustines, simply served with sliced lemon. My next course was a Dover sole -which I love but rarely eat as it’s an expensive fish- with potatoes and some salad on the side. So tasty with just a zest of lemon. It doesn’t need anything else, just plain and simple. Sacha didn’t know what to choose, and had the mixed grill of fish. It was fine, but she regretted not having another dish as it wasn’t really exciting. Our stomachs were filled, with no room left for dessert, so we went straight on to herbal tea and coffee.

Fiskebar is a definite must-go for seafoodlovers. There’s the Østerbar (Oysterbar) next door for an array of fresh oysters. On our list for the next visit. As well as the seafood plate.

Marnixplaats 11
2000 Antwerp

mo – thursday 12:00 – 14:30
18:00 – 22:00
fri -sun 12:00 -22:00

Fiskebar_fish-soup Fiskebar_sole Fiskebar_3 Fsikebar_water Fiskebar_2

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