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Sweet Saturday Sounds: Skip&Die


About less than a year ago, I discovered this great band. I was just chilling at a festival and suddenly a band started to perform.

At first I was like ‘well, this is a new sound..’ I heard a high voice, lots of Shakira-noices and a nice beat. But in less than 5 minutes I was dancing and so were all my friends. The music totally surprised us, but in a very good way!

I’m talking about Skip&Die: a partly Dutch and South-African band with a whipping sound. It’s a bit of a combination between M.I.A., Santigold and Shakira but very peculiar. The lead singer Cata Pirata is a South-African woman who started Skip&Die together with the Dutch producer Jori Collignon. Together they travelled through South-Africa to create their first album ‘Riots In The Jungle’. Nowadays the band consists of 5 people who travel all over the world to perform but they are based in Amsterdam.


Cata Pirata’s appearance is eccentric with her blonde curls (or pink/green/purple hair) and her outstanding outfits. She loves to wear prints and items with a retro-look but she will always looks gaily and tropical. She will definitely surprise you with her outfit over and over again!

Feeling like this is not your day? Just put on some Skip&Die tunes and they will instantly cheer you up and maybe even give you a little bit of summer feeling during these cold wet days.

Pictures: Skip&Die Facebook

Text: Sacha de Vries


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