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Sweet Saturday Sounds: Horizon – We’ll try the darkroom


In some occasions, you just have to leave the beaten path. In order to witness this week’s ‘Sweet Saturday Sounds’ we left the office on Friday night. This night’s destination: Horizon in Doka Amsterdam.

Both locals and tourists would easily pass the building, obliviently overlooking the dark, raw and edgy club based in the basement of the former Volkskrantgebouw. Whilst going in, we slightly felt as though we were trespassing a construction site, but nonetheless a unique underground event venue awaited.

Doka [the darkroom] has an intimate though electronic vibe going on, it has that typical Berlin-feel about it. That intimate vibe is enhanced by the event’s organiser; Ricky Thorn, who showed his personal appreciation to every visitor in the room. Amsterdam is a massive and metropolitan city, and the warm welcome like the one we experienced is of a rare breed.


We were intrigued by the artwork Thorn uses to promote his events [just a little heads up, Ricky – we’d love some printed on a T-shirt], only to find out that there is so much more to this established concept. DJ Trevor Jackson (Playgroup/Metal Dance) was brought in from London. Drei Fragezeichen – Massimiliano Pagliara & nd_baumbecker were flown in straight from Panoramabar, Berlin. The fact that the former of these DJs hasn’t played in the Netherlands for over five years should say enough about the international support Thorn has gained for his concept over the past few months.

And then all of a sudden there was this moment – and I reckon we’ve all been there – the lights are switched on and you’re left standing there thinking “where the hell did these past few hours go and how is it possible that the party has ended?!” For me, personally, this is the first sign of the night being a good one. While opening my locker and grabbing my coat, an epiphany occurred: why end the night if the after party awaits?!

Curious for more? Next edition is up in the infamous MC Theater on March 21: check their Facebook page for the line-up and more!

Text: Manoe Dentener

horizon_doka_djs Horizon_doka

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