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In the NOW: The LOVE Book

TheLoveBook_1A collection of poetry, prose and letters from all the greatest writers in the English language about the most amazing subject in existence: L.O.V.E. Oh my! Are we getting a bit sentimental already?

In this case we do. There’s so much beauty in words, and with Valentine around the corner this would actually be an intelligent gift, because books are keepers!
It is the brainchild of author Allie Esiri, and there’s also an app available for which -amongst others- Helena Bonham Carter read poems and letters. Find the app in the iTunes App store.

The hardcover book counts 244 pages; assembling the ancient with the modern, from William Shakespeare to Bob Dylan. The beautifully bound piece also includes Emily Brontë, W.B. Yeats, Napoleon, Jane Austen, Dorothy Parker and many others.
Love: probably the most important (and most troublesome) of emotions. There’s true love, unrequited love, erotic love, platonic love, thwarted love, comic love, mourned love and just about every other type of love, explored in this book.

Don’t like cliché gifts? Leave this one on your lover’s night stand.



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