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In the NOW: Oscar Dresses Infographic

Oscar_dresses_infographicWe sometimes receive requests to post infographics about various subjects. But we never get the kind of infographic with just that added ‘fashion’ value like the one above.

Coming Sunday the annual Academy Awards are up again. Drooling over the red carpet dresses for a few hours before the actual ceremony begins, sharing comments with our friends about who wore the best…and the worst, and wondering why we never tried an acting career so we could once in our lives wear a stunning couture creation.

But do we actually remember what the Oscar winning actresses wore over the decades since 1929? Nope. Luckily some guys over at digital agency ‘Mediarundigital‘ in the UK made an overview of this exact information. Thanks guys!

Have a better look at the infographic here.

Will you be watching the red carpet dresses parade coming Sunday?

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