In the NOW: Chanel partners with Festival of Fashion & Photography

AllEyesOnHyeres400Coincidently I’ve spent many of my summers in the family house near Hyères – a small town in the South of France, which was mainly known as an average summer holiday destination and for windsurfing. Yet, Hyères also hosts the acclaimed Festival of Fashion & Photography. 

This is the 29th edition already, to be held from April 25-28. Many talents have already sprung from the prestigious festival -Viktor & Rolf probably being the most famous contestants until now- and I was lucky to attend the event the year they entered (and won) the competition. Throughout the years, the festival has much evolved. The international recoginition grew -Vogue Paris dedicates pages to it- and many big names in the fashion and media business got involved with the festival, either by taking place in the jury or as a partner.

And now there’s good news that came in this week; CHANEL is partnering with the festival! We think it’s a great achievement to have the most iconic name in fashion related to the festival. Read part of the press release below:

“The CHANEL partnership with the Hyères Festival, a festival that encourages and champions young creators within the fields of fashion and photography, is part of an on-going process as creation is the very heart and soul of CHANEL. An autodidact and visionary, Mademoiselle Chanel created a particular style over a hundred years ago. This style became a brand and a name of renown appreciated the world over. All the products bearing its name from Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture, to accessories, fragrances and beauty, Watchmaking and High Jewellery, together constitute a totality where all the brand values are found: luxury, creativity, innovation, audacity, modernity, femininity, highest quality and best know-how. Most notably are those of the Métiers d’art at Paraffection: the embroiderers Lesage and Montex, the feathers and flowers maker Lemarié, the master pleater Lognon and the subcontractor atelier grand flou Paloma, all supply the top names in Haute Couture and the luxury industry.

A brand constantly on the move, each CHANEL collection along with the staging and decor is conceived by Karl Lagerfeld to create an event which spans all continents. The photographic and cultural exhibitions showcasing brand icons and the historical and creative dimensions of the House are significant milestones.

“I want to be part of what happens,” Mademoiselle Chanel took great pleasure in saying. Through this collaboration with the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, CHANEL demonstrates its wish for openness towards different creative worlds, and once again reaffirms its commitment to creativity and the avant-garde.”

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