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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream


After the BB’s came the CC’s and when Estée Lauder announced their newest product, the Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream, I was overexcited. I love BB creams, but nowadays I’m hooked on CC cream. Estée Lauder is definitely one of my favorite beauty brands, so I was dying to test this product!

CC cream is a color correcting day cream. The Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream SPF 10 in particular is an anti-aging product and makes sure your skin feels soft and comfy. And of course, it gives your face a healthy glow because of the color correcting elements. CC cream can be the base of your makeup; you put it on before your foundation. But it can also be a substitute for your foundation. I stopped using foundation and switched to just using CC cream.



The first time I put on The Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream by Estée Lauder I thought it felt more like a day cream. But after just 5 minutes my skin became very smooth and all my little dark and red spots were gone. Every time I looked in the mirror that day, I thought ‘wow, did you go to the tanning salon? You look so healthy today!’. Because I didn’t look like a ‘makeuped’ face, but like someone with a smooth and healthy skin. Well, you could say, again Estée Lauder got me with yet another loveable product.

Curious? You have to wait for a few more days, because the product will be available in store from February 17. Or not?! Great news: Estée Lauder just opened their online shop! And the best thing is, their newest products are exclusively sold online the first few weeks. This also applies for their Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream! So go and indulge yourself with fabulous beauty products.

Text: Sacha de Vries




  1. GUSONE SOPHIE februari 18, 2014


    Could you send me a photo of the ingredient list of Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Cream and tell me how much time it could be conserved after open it ??

    Best regards,


  2. GUSONE SOPHIE februari 22, 2014


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