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NEW SU milkI keep telling myself that summer is just around the corner, and I’m already planning my first summer holiday to Italy in June. Which is why I’m super excited to try Davines’ newest line of hair and body products, called SŪ ESSENTIAL HAIRCARE, designed to meet the needs of hair and skin during summer months.


NEW SU tan maximizerThe products have been designed to protect against damage from UV rays and environmental factors. Natural active ingredients work to hydrate and nourish hair like never before – think of the power of argan oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, rice and almond protein combined! Davines has also pioneered a unique “Hair Sphere” technology which ensures that nutrients continued to be delivered to hair even after rinsing – so as you’re continuously exposed to sun, the formulas continue to work.

For Summer 2014, Davines is introducing three new products to the range: the SŪ Milk, SŪ TAN MAXIMIZER and SŪ SPF 30.

The MILK (135 mL, €28.55) is a leave-in multipurpose conditioner that’s suitable for all hair types. Light like a spray, it has two main functions: it protects hair from UV damage (which dehydrate and damage hair), and after sun exposure the added magnesium and potassium condition without weighing hair down. The product also detangles while adding shine, leaving it softer and fuller.

The TAN MAXIMIZER (150mL, €32.35) naturally supports the tanning process, to give skin a more intense, radiant and smooth appearance. Argan oil, rich in vitamins A and E, is filled with antioxidants and have a protective effect.  The product should be used before, during and after sun exposure to give skin that perfect sun-kissed glow. Before applying the TAN MAXIMIZER, use a good layer of the BODY CREAM SPF25 (150Ml, €32.35) to ensure skin is protected against sunburns.

NEW SU body cream spf 25

All Davines ESSENTIAL HAIRCARE products are created sustainably and are completely manufactured using renewable energy, while bottles are made with less than 25% plastic.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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