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Wednesday Wear-Abouts



Making a hasty Wednesday Wear-About in between two trips means I had to use the ‘selfie-method’. My sincere apologies…

What I am wearing today:
When it’s winter I have an urge to wear ‘cocooning’ items; which means oversized knits. This is a grandpa cardigan I bought last year at, and it remains one of my favorites. Luckily, oversized items are still ‘on trend’ for this season too. I usually change the T-shirts I wear underneath. As it has a deep V-neck, these are often statement tees. Today I grabbed a striped grey/black top from H&M. The legging is from H&M as well, one of last year’s best budget buys (I bought a new one as the previous one starts getting worn down). My army lace-up boots are from Asos, the bracelet is from &Other Stories.



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