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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_Sas_8jan_5Starting the year with one of our Petite Digi’s in the Wednesday Wear-Abouts! She’s actually not that ‘petite’ but quite tall…May we present to you: contributor Sacha.
As we told you in the previous Wednesday Wear-About, it is time to introduce other members of the team. And our fashionista Sacha has a cool style. She says this is her casual look, and we rarely see her wearing something other than a dress or skirt, though she can carry ‘casual’ with poise.


What Sacha is wearing: 
Coat from Maison Scotch, the black blazer is vintage (IJ-hallen), the T-shirt is from H&M, the legging is from Costes and the good ol’ sneakers are low Converse All Stars (worn out as they should be). Sacha always pays attention to her accessories, they always stand out in a way, like this purple beanie from River Island. Her array of bracelets are a reminder of her backpacking trip in Thailand last year and she often wears the one from Amatør with them, the rings are from H&M. Her nailpolish is from Essie (licorice), her lipstick from M.A.C

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Images © The Digitalistas

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