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The Fashion Eye: MBFWA Winde Rienstra

_PSL6468Sunday night at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam I witnessed a quite amazing fashion show by Winde Rienstra. The collection is inspired by her place of birth: Fryslân. Handmade design and pure fabrics were shown during this magical moment

‘Stjerren oan it firmamint’ is how the collection is called, inspired by the oldest and yet still working planetarium in the world which is located in Franeker, Friesland (Fryslân). The show started with a performance by the Frisian woman Nynke Laverman, who was also dressed in a Winde Rienstra design. Every outfit was a piece of art with beautiful details like silver linings and woven motifs.


Winde Rienstra is famous for her extraordinary footwear; every collection she surprises the audience (and probably her models too) with a renewed pair of impossible but truly magnificent shoes. They were made of the wood of a coconut and looked like they weren’t that comfy but I dare to say they will be an inspiration to lots of designers and fashion-minded people. These beauties definitely stole my heart. The combination of perfect craftsmanship, contrast in materials and the magical setting stunned the crowd. Again; a subtle yet outstanding collection by Dutch designer Winde Rienstra.

Text: Sacha de Vries

Images © Fashionrollers (except last image)

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