The A’dam Tower

Adam_towerIt’s always interesting when an old but quite iconic office building gets a new and totally different allocation. The former Shell Research HQ on the North bank of Amsterdam, overlooking the IJ canal, is about to transform in a multifunctional lifestyle and entertainment tower.

Some of our renowned nightlife entrepreneurs won a pitch for the restyling concept of the tower which will be named the ‘A’dam tower‘. A 24/7 venue that will offer various hospitality locations such as a panoramic restaurant, a bars, a club and a hotel. Of course, since it is a 22-storey tower, it will include an in- and outdoor observation point with a spectacular view.


The venue is set to open at the end of 2015 and the development group expects approximately 1 million visitors a year.

Last Friday the plans for the A’dam tower were presented to the press. Read more details on the allocation of the building:
-On the top 21st and 22nd floor is the A’dam Lookout; the in- and outdoor observation point with an extended view over Amsterdam and its surroundings
-After the observation point closes at night, the highest bar in Amsterdam ‘Heaven‘ opens its doors
-The 19th floor will house a revolving Panoramic restaurant, rotating a complete 360° circle within the hour
-Exhibitions, product launches, fashion shows, conferences and even weddings can be held at the Open Space on the 16th floor
-Furthermore, there will be a hotel with 120 rooms divided over 5 floors and a Living Lobby accessible for all the tower users and guests
-In the lower parts of the tower, in between the building’s columns, you’ll find a transparent fitness area
-The underground club ‘Hell‘ not only refers to the top level bar Heaven, but also to the gallows hundreds of years ago. The club will have a 24 hrs opening permit, and will also be used to host exhibitions and presentations.
-An underground parking will stretch from the A’dam Tower to Grootlab providing 200 parking spaces


Breeding Ground
A’dam also stands for Amsterdam Dance And Music. In 2015 the HQ’s of ID&T and MassiveMusic will move to the A’dam Tower and expand and support the Dutch music and dance industry. The ‘Nachtlab’ studios will provide breeding ground for young and upcoming music talents and connect them to International DJ’s, producers and artists.

Local Creative Hub
As the epicenter of creativity, A’dam aims to give an extra impulse to the city and the creative North bank area where the venue is located. To optimize the possibilities of creative entrepreneurship, the 18th floor will house A’dam & Co; a loft with a roof terrace and flexible office spaces.

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