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What’s the right age to start using anti-aging products? Some told me I had to start around the age of 21, others tell me to start as late as possible. According to the beauty brand Sisley you have to use the first anti-ageing treatment at the age of 25.

Well, I might be 23 but I actually discovered my first signs of ageing! Of course I want to deal with this ASAP so I started using the newest product of Sisley: SisleYouth Hydrating Energizing Early Wrinkles Cream.

SisleYouth is especially designed for young adults. It will not only reduce the first signs of natural aging, but also skin imbalances due to daily stress. This product is a fresh and creamy lotion with a velvety matte finish. It both boosts and energizes your skin. After only 4 weeks you’ll see the first signs of wrinkles fade away. Perfect for daily use.

This day cream contains ingredients that are especially selected to stimulate your skin’s cellular metabolism. Extracts like pea, soy, kiwi, ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba leaf and Buckwheat preserve the skin of the harmful effects of stress and aging.sisley_youth_early_wrinkles_2

I am always a bit skeptic when it comes to anti-ageing treatment. But I have to say, after a very heavy weekend with almost no sleep, when I normally look like 32, I had almost no signs of crow’s feet after using this product for a while. So maybe, this product actually works, or I had just a good week skin-wise…

Still, I love this cream. It smells great (very important), hydrates perfectly and applies easy. If my crow’s feet won’t show again the next six months, I will definitely thank Sisley.

Curious about Sisley products? We also tested the Sisley Eau Efficace.

Text: Sacha de Vries


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