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This Chanel backpack caught our eye a while ago (it featured during the S/S’14 catwalk show), but it wasn’t easy to find out the price…up until now.

At first we weren’t sure if it was just an accessory used for the show, or if it would actually be for sale. But it is for sale and there’s much ado about the backpack which costs about € 2500.

Several websites are shocked about the hefty pricetag of a backpack that reminds them of the ones they customized themselves during high school. But on the other hand, one can make a lot of fuss about this bag which -according to Vogue is a high end item inspired by a DIY punk aesthetic: “Picture a young art student spray-painting the blank canvas of a classic backpack and then personalizing it with loops of haphazardly woven ropes and heavy chains .”- and have a closer look at pieces that are considered “art” looking like a 4-year old has confectioned it and that are often way overpriced.

This could become an interesting discussion…We remember an other issue about a bag from Louis Vuitton of which the appearance and price left critics in shock and awe.

What do you think of the Chanel backpack?




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