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Thursday Treat: Villa Massa Tasting

VillaMassa_tasting1 Liquors are quite versatile and are not only used to mix oneself a nice cocktail, but also in cooking and baking. This week we had a tasting with Villa Massa limoncello to show us the different possibilities.

Limoncello is a sweet lemon liquor and often served pure and chilled as a digestif. In Italian family-run restaurants, the limoncellos are home brewed with passion and care.

Villa Massa limoncello finds its origin from an ancient family recipe which dates from 1890. Only the finest quality of lemons from the Sorrento region and the island of Capri are used. These lemons are a typical citrus variety grown only in these areas and that has remained unchanged over the centuries thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the Sorrento-Amalfi coast that favors the growth of a thick and fragrant lemon peel, rich in essential oils, which gives the Limoncello of Sorrento its unique flavor. Therefore Villa Massa is allowed to use the ‘Limoncello trademark’.

Our tasting took place in the private dining room of Italian restaurant Mazzo. We started with a  refreshing Limoncello longdrink to accompany the antipasti misti.
Then we moved on to the pizza’s; the classic Margherita, the Vegeteriana and the Mazzo. The last one consists of buffalo mozzarella, lardo and truffle tapenade and was by far our favorite (we have a thing for truffle). Along with that we had a cocktail of Limoncello, tonic and lemongrass. The pièce de résistance to pair with the classic serve of Limoncello, was a tiramisu made with limoncello instead of the familiar coffee liquor. A refreshing and tasty take on this renowned dessert. Maybe an idea for your Christmas cooking?


As we are heading towards the holidays, a nice idea is to serve your guests a glass of prosecco with a shot of Limoncello. Salute!

Villa Massa limoncello is available at the liquor stores for € 19,99 (70 cl)




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