Skins Institute Amsterdam

skinsEveryone knows Skins as one of Amsterdam’s best cosmetics and skincare stores, with the most exclusive offering of unique brands. But did you know that Skins also has an exclusive Institute for hair and skin?

Nestled above its Runstraat store is a small salon and skincare centre, which works with all the fantastic brands that are sold in store.

What’s great about the Skins Institute’s concept is that all facials are custom-made for your skin. All you need to do is book the time of your facial, and your aesthetician will assess your skin upon arrival. Pending what your skin needs – if it’s dry, oily, sensitive or distressed – you’ll receive a personalized treatment that will quench your skin, from Vitamin C boosts to anti-aging.


Since I’m a big fan of organic products, I asked my aesthetic to go as natural as possible with the treatment. One of the many product lines that the Skins Institute uses for facials is Marie Veronique Organics – a 100% natural brand based on yummy plant ingredients that green tea, mango, avocado and jasmine. Skins Institute is the only retailer in Amsterdam to carry this exclusive brand, and I fell in love with the products during my facial.

The treatment began with a cleanse, followed by an exfoliating mask, extraction, anti-ageing and hydrating masks. All facials (barring the express treatment) also include an eyebrow shaping and facial wax (if desired), in addition to all the trimmings: while masks soak into your skin, expect blissful hand, foot and scalp massages.


The Skins Institute also offers an array of beauty treatments, from waxing and fall makeup application to manicures and pedicures (including Shellac polish). It also has its own line of products – the My Own Serums line – which is bespoke, custom-made pure oil products for your skin. It’s the only line of this kind in the Netherlands, and all products are developed on site. The team uses pure oils like argan and jojoba, combined with essential oils of flowers and plant extracts (think rose, jasmine, neroli and chamomile), which gives the skin a massive boost of vitamins, antioxidants and omegas. There’s no synthetic ingredients added – just 100% pure skin oil! The line also includes custom hair oils and flower waters for maximum hydration.


For more information, visit Skins Institute’s website.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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