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Lost & Found

MoodproductenDo you ever wonder what happens to the lost & found objects in a train? You will get the answer by visiting the exhibition and pop-up store ‘Lost & Found‘ at the Amsterdam Central Station from December 12-14.

In collaboration with 100 students of the Artemis academy in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and a handful of designers, the NS (Dutch Railway) has set up this project to emphasize on their sustainable work ethics.

Lost & Found
Over 80.000 objects a year find their way to the Lost & Found department of the NS. The employees are dedicated to reunite the object with their rightful owner -which happens in 45% of the cases- the rest gets stocked for another 3 months. After that, if the lost objects are not retrieved, they either go to a wholesale buyer or get recycled. By doing this the NS prevents the objects to end up on the regular waste dump and harm the environment.

Over the years the strangest objects were found and never claimed; who would forget the keys to his Porsche, leave a box of a hundred golden rings, or dump his prothetic limb in a train??
Aside from these curiosities which are displayed at the Lost & Found exhibition, you’ll find objects produced from recycled train materials such as: serving trays made of old billboards or bags fabricated from train furniture.

L&F Bewerkt Lerenjasje Vila2

Pop-up shop
If you’re looking for an original and unique X-mas gift -let’s say a huge blue rabbit stuffed with 25 kilos of lost garments? – the Lost & Found pop-up shop is where you need to go.
The Artemis students have transformed the found and unclaimed objects in new and useful fashion products or pieces of art. A skateboard becomes a bookshelf, suitcases become magazine displays and leather or cloth from bags and jackets can be recycled into a pair gloves. There’s also a possibility to have a tailor made item. During the two days the students are at your disposal to customize and create on-demand gadgets.

L&F- handschoenen uit tassen vesten jassen

All objects of the Lost & Found projects are for sale and the proceeds will go to ‘Natuur & Milieu’, a foundation supported by the NS which commits to realize a healthier and sustainable environment.

Lost & Found
December 12-14
Amsterdam Central Station
Track 2 – next to the Burger King
Open from 11 am to 7 pm

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