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Inspiration by Sanne: Finger tattoos



Lately I have been really obsessed with finger tattoos. I’m in love with the subtleness of (most of) them and the way they portray someone’s personality.

A few years ago I wanted to get a little heart on the side of my ring finger together with my friend, but the tattoo shops we went to all said they would not do it because it fades quickly. At first I did not want to believe that, but I’ve seen it on a couple of people I know and after a few months the tattoos already faded a lot.

Finally I had to put the tattoos on the side of my fingers out of my head and now I’m focussing on tattoos on the front of fingers, and the idea is growing on me. Every night I’m drawing tattoos on my fingers with an eyeliner pencil to see what looks good and when I find something that does, I draw over it with a fineliner, so it stays on for a day or two. I want to get a few symbols that represent who I am and where I stand for as a person, like a heart, a peace sign and an equal sign.


So far, I have not found the perfect placing and form for them yet, but I will keep drawing until I do, and of course I will show you the result. But for now, here is some inspiration of a few beautiful finger-tattood-hands. For more pictures, follow my Finger tattoo obsession board on Pinterest!




Schermafbeelding 2013-12-29 om 13.43.45






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