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Eastpak Artist Studio 2013

Philip Grube – Life is a circus.

A creative hub that gives young artists worldwide the chance to channel their creativity. It’s how you could describe the Eastpak Artist Studio.

Plus, there is a good cause involved: Designers Against Aids. The organization seeks to raise AIDS awareness towards the general public and in the international media, with a specific emphasis on young people in industrialized countries. All proceeds of the sales of the Eastpak Artist Studio creations will go to the charity organization.

56 artists from 14 countries have turned the Eastpak Padded Pak’r into new creations, thus with keeping the logo visible. Amongst the 56 artists, five Dutch artists showed their designs; Leon Keer, Ivania Carpio, Nepco, Chaotic Bastards and Mimi Nizan.

Last week we had a short roadtrip to Antwerp for the official Eastpak Artist Studio Exhibition, hosted by former Belgian model Hannelore Knuts. We had a closer look at the ‘artefacts’, and we were stunned by the originality of some Eastpak Padded Pak’rs.

Here’s a teaser to give you an idea of how some creations came about:

Below you’ll find our selection of the designs we liked best (in random order), including the quote the artist made to describe the work:

Mimi Nizan – Glitter is my reality.
Celebrity Skin – Dare to Wear
Sylvain Aubert – Adults are older children
Athos Burez – The magic-realistic look of the bag reminds me of characters of my childhood and their adventures
Pantheone – When high fashion meets the streets
Susana Martins – Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is hapiness
Tabernacle Twins – I send my Tabernacle Twins on a journey to search for a cure
Joâo Parrinha -Relax on the rocks. The fun of fooling reality.
Joâo Parrinha – Relax on the rocks. The fun of fooling reality.
Pansik – Creative FREEDOM
Amaro – The world is full of good things. All you need to do is attract them.
De Invasie – Our style is utterly positive and energetic.
Nik Nowak – The idea was that you can use it to carry a ghetto blaster on your back. Two people could also wear it simultaneously if they agree in the direction they want to walk.
Simone Legno – Tokidoki is the hope that something magical will happen to us.
WAH nails – Our classic leopard print updated with a summery fade


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