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A different X-mas tree from Triitme

icon_xmas_gruppo_treThe time has come to bring out the Christmas decorations. But what to do if you don’t have enough room in your home to set up a proper Christmas tree?

Triitme- an online design and decoration store- offers some alternatives. For instance you could opt for these lamps in the shape of a tree from Zava Luce. Icon X-mas is a 2kg aluminium lamp, designed by Massimo Rosati. The ironic lamp wants to play with light, with the intent of lighting up dark and boring winter days. It costs €98 (bulb not included) and is available in green or red.


An other idea is a birch plywood tree from Lovi Oy. A company which is located in Northern Finland (doesn’t Santa come from that area as well?!). The trees come in a small (30 by 17,5 cm) or medium size (60 by 35 cm), and are flat packed.  Available in natural wood, light green, dark green or red. Prices start at €70. Plus, when you buy a Lovi tree, you help to plant new trees in in areas of the world which are affected by drought, erosion and flood. That’s one great Christmas spirit!

See what else Triitme has to offer here.

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