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Video: the A-Z of WINK

iD-magazine_wink_peace_poutIf you flip i-D magazine’s logo, you’ll see it represents a wink and a smile. To celebrate the launch of their new digital platform, Jérémie Rozan and Charlotte Stockdale created an awesome video: the A-Z of WINK!


Imagine the iconic magazine already exists for 33 years…that’s a long time! Throughout the years, many (fashion) stars featured on the cover, winking. Anyone who had that chance could consider themselves pro’s at winking by now, so the new unofficial pay off -‘If in doubt, wink, peace and pout!’- asks for some practice on our side (yours truly is terrible at it, making weird faces and all…). Or maybe watch the video over and over again could be helpful?

Images and video courtesy of i-D magazine.

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