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Thursday Treat: Where Chefs Eat

WhereChefsEat_1It is probably due to our obsession with food that we are curious about where chefs eat out in their spare time. Finally a book has been launched to answer that question.

Where Chefs Eat‘ (Phaidon Press) is an international restaurant guide with the recommendations of the best food critics: renowned chefs (including the ones featuring in our previous Thursday Treat) from all over the world.

The book boasts an elaborate selection from bargain noodle joints to high-end restaurants; late-night haunts to all-day breakfasts; neighborhood eateries to destination restaurants.


This is the ultimate guide for foodies and world travelers, with useful maps, entertaining reviews and quotes from top chefs all bundled together by food writer Joe Warwick.
You can probably imagine this was a very anticipated book for the food lovers among us, and it has received glorious critics like this one from The Independent:¬†‘It can be said with reasonable certainty that a new guide to restaurants is the first to feature a herring kiosk in Stockholm, a “wet burger” stand in Istanbul and a diner under a bridge in Hong Kong that majors in spicy crab, called Under Bridge Spicy Crab. These lesser-known eateries are among almost 2,000 restaurants, including dozens in Britain, recommended not by critics or reviewers, but a once closed-off community of foodies who have the strongest claims to be experts.’

Go get yourself a copy! Quickly! Or download the app.

Find the book at, (NL) and Mendo (NL).


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