Davines More Inside

Davines1International haircare brand Davines has launched its newest collection, More Inside. The products – and their gorgeous packaging – have been designed to give it to us straight: to tell us exactly what the product is for, no fuss or fancy mumble jumble.

Labels read, for example, “This is a medium hairspray,” “This is a strong hold cream gel,” or “This is a sea salt spray.” No confusion there!

The More Inside collection features mousse, hairspray, serums, waxes and oils. I have become addicted to the Volume-Boosting Mousse (a creamy mousse for mega volume, pre-blowout) and the Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid (for lazy days, to take frizz and leave my hair super straight).


The icing on the whole cake is the adorable packaging, with cute prints and colors that resemble vintage apothecary packaging. Products are wrapped in handmade, artisan paper which is all sustainably created and recyclable. The trees used to make the paper are responsibly managed as part of the Zero Impact Project, which was created by Lifegate to reduce and compensate CO2 emissions by protecting and creating forests.


When you open the packaging, cute instructions and diagrams are written on the back,explaining how to use the product. Or, scan a QR code which links to a video tutorial of Davines’ artistic director Angelo Seminara on how to use the product.


For a full list of Davines More Inside products, visit Davines’ website.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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