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Amsterdam’s Best Facial

photo 2The hunt is over!

After a friend of mine starting raving about her amazing facial at Zotos Beauty, I thought I’d better check it out for myself to see what the hype is about.

In the heart of Amsterdam’s centre, Zotos Beauty is a cozy salon with all the makings of a fantastic beauty bar. Zotos only uses and sells products from selected skincare brands around the world – Decléor, Carita, Valmont and EviDens – and its trained aestheticians are experts with years of experience in skin and treatments.

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As it was my first time visiting Zotos, an extra 30 minute consultation was added to my treatment time, so that I could discuss my skin and expectations with Sandra, one of the Zotos’ co-owners.  Staff will discuss your skin type and recommend the best tailor-made treatment for your skin. In my case, a Carita Cinetic Lift Expert (CLE) facial – the treatment I had coincidentally scheduled – was perfect for me.

The salon setting is beautiful and you can expect the utmost in professionalism and knowledge from your aesthetician. First, I was cocooned in warm blankets on a heated bed (which in itself was fantastic!) Sandra explained to me the unique process of the facial and how it would improve my skin. She began with a wash and exfoliating sunflower seed mask, which opens pores and sloughs away dead skin (to prepare for extraction). The CLE machine is then used in three different stages to treat your skin by increasing collagen, toning muscles, reducing puffiness and putting an extra oomph back into your skin.

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First, an ultrasound device is used to gently exfoliate and refine skin, then a special wand is used to redefine your face’s contours by sending microcurrents to muscles. Then Sandra massaged a mask onto my face; while it soaked in, I received a relaxing hand massage (bliss!) After the mask was removed – meaning pores are open and penetrated with yummy Carita products – she massaged my face while using special microcurrent gloves, to really lift the skin. When half my face was done, I peeked in a mirror to see the difference and wowhalf my face was visibly tightened and more firm looking! The final step was a LED light treatment, which works on the skin’s surface to improve radiance and reduce patches or scarring.

The whole experience was totally relaxing and left my skin glowing! It’s remarkably soft to touch, plus it really feels like it has been given a shot of moisture.  

Carita’s products are based on natural ingredients combined with the latest technology, so they are gentle while also creating visible results. The brand’s philosophy is based on total beauty for skin, hair and body – a philosophy I could get used to!

Coincidentally, I couldn’t have timed my facial at a better time – November is the best month to get a facial, as the air begins to get cold and dry. Zotos also offers a full range of beauty treatments like massages, manicures and pedicures.

Zotos is located at Kerkstraat 131 in Amsterdam. Book your appointment by calling 0204203680.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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