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Thursday Treat: the Dutch&Co

Dutchco_entranceIt’s hotspots galore lately. But we can’t help it, there’s a lot opening in Amsterdam these days, and still many, many places to review. Today’s Thursday Treat is actually our favourite adress for a hangover lunch.

This almost sounds as if we’re often ‘hungover’…no worries, it just happens the day after the best fashion parté’s where the bubbles keep flowing. And nothing better than a good lunch (read Ceasar salad or hamburger) to get us up an running again.


The Dutch&Co is a new spot in the Pijp area (also referred to as Amsterdam’s Quartier Latin), near the museum district. It’s a mix between a classic French bistro and  a Dutch Grand Café with a New York-ish topping. The menu consists of typical brasserie food; simple but of good quality. For instance, the chicken you get in your ceasar salad or on your club sandwich is chicken thigh and no boring chicken filet. The French fries are also exactly the way we like them, with the right kind of mayonaise (homemade, more refined and with a ‘zest’).

An other plus is that you can drop in all day; for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or drinks.

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