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Shu Uemara: The Art of Hair

ShuUemara_1The best thing I could have on a Monday morning feeling a bit weary after my travels, was a boost for my hair. So the invitation for a Shu Uemara treatment  a few weeks ago was very welcome.

Beauty contributor Lydia was already extatic after visiting the Meraki hairsalon, and I am happy to say I had a similar experience, especially with the head massage!
Shu Uemara invited some press to introduce the Ultimate Remedy line for damaged hair, but we each got the treatment to suit our hairtypes and according to owner and hairstylist at Meraki, Bert Visscher, I have healthy locks. That’s always good to hear.


After a short presentation of the product range, it was time for my hair beauty ceremony. The stylist used the Shusu hair sleek shampoo to wash my hair. It contains black cumin oil for unruly hair. Then a cleansing oil conditioner was used, and the stylist mixed the Shusu sleek conditioner and the prime plenish (for time-weakened hair, with jasmine essential oil to bring body, softness and shine) to prepare my locks for styling.

An other product used to prepare before the blow-dry was the Depsea foundation which is ideal to protect the fiber and provide a lightweight non-oily texture. Because my hair is thin and I favor a voluminous result, she added some Ample Angora; a voluminizing foam enriched with Japanese cedar bud. Last but not least, a few drops of Shu Uemara’s emblematic product ‘Essence Absolue’ – a nourishing and protective oil- to smooth and protect my hair. This product can be used in  three different ways; before or after washing as a serum, as a leave in conditioner or a mask.
As a finishing touch at the end of the blow dry the stylist applied a small amount of volume maker (invisible texturizing powder with a handy click-brush applicator) at the roots for a va-va-voom effect.

Feeling all lightweight with shiny and sleek hair (including a stress-free head thanks to the massage), I left the salon with two products that are now part of my own haircare routine: the Ultimate Remedy restoration duo serum which is great to restore my ends, and the Fiber Lift which I use before each blow dry.

More information on Shu Uemara’s Art of Hair here.
For more information and bookings at the Meraki hairsalon, click here.

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