Come and fly away!

Skywork_1When we took our trip to Bern, we went with a fairly young airline named Skywork Airlines. The experience promised to be different as the fleet consists of Fairchild Dornier aircrafts.

It is a more personal way to fly. There’s only room for about 30 people on the plane, and one flight attendant. So less queueing and rapid check-in procedures to nestle in the leather seats for a 1h 20 mins flight to the Swiss capital. From Bern (Belp), Skywork flies to 28 destinations in Summer and 10 in Winter. Cities like London, Berlin and Hamburg remain most popular destinations for outgoing Skywork flights from Belp.


Skywork is very convenient for people who require a certain level of comfort, and have to visit Switzerland for business (30% of traffic), who own a second home in the area, or go on winter sports. With Bern as a starting point, one could easily catch a train to other destinations such as Zürich, Lausanne or Geneva.

The average price for a single ticket is €200. Although outgoing traffic is bigger, the airline managed to realize a growth; from 217.000 to 240.000 passengers in a year. Negociations with KLM are in effect as we speak.

Skywork Airlines celebrates its 3 year anniversary this month. For more informations and bookings click here.

Take a look at the video we made below:

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