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Candy’s closet

Candyscloset_7With blogs and websites like The Selby and The Coveteur we’ve seen many creative and famous people’s interiors and walk-in closets (we had a feature inspired on that on TD as well), but it’s always nice when an artist invites the press over to their home for a fashionable get-together.

Yesterday we were invited at Candy Dulfer’s home for a preview of the collection she has designed for MEXX (which will be available from October 15th). But also for a really ‘girly’ afternoon; trying items from the collection, having high-tea and talking fashion with Candy. Because this girl really loves fashion!


Besides being an incredibly talented musician (if you don’t know the famous quote from Prince: “If I need sax, I call Candy”,  nor the superhit ‘Lily was here’ she had with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart in ’89, shame on you!), Candy knows how to dress, and by the sight of her closet she doesn’t need a stylist.

Thanks to the lovely girls of SO PR, we had the chance to have a chat with Miss Dulfer which was filmed. Check it in the video below:


If you can’t hear clearly what I asked her, here are the questions:
1. What is your most special fashion memory?
2. Which item would you never dare to throw away?
3.What is your guilty pleasure, fashionwise?

And we had some digitalistic dilemma’s for her as well:
Leather or leopardprint?
Never buy clothes anymore, or never buy shoes anymore?
Glitters or studs?


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