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Chanel: Where Beauty Begins

Chanel_trioAre you the kind of busy woman that runs around every day multitasking through her week to get everything done? Do you feel that overactivity reflecting on your skin? Then these are the goods for you: Chanel’s new skincare line.

Developed for the superwomen looking for simple, yet effective skincare and based on the ‘rythm’ of our skin.

During a private presentation with Armelle Souraud- Manager of International Scientific Communications for Chanel- we got the ins and outs on this specific and innovative skincare essentials. She explains: “Due to our crazy daily schedules the skin’s natural rythm is desynchronized and with this metronomic skincare line we aim to ‘reset’ the clock and regenerate the skin with three different formulas; Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend de Chanel.”

For this ‘resetting’ four parameters are key:
4.Skin Surface

LE JOUR de Chanel -Firming
As soon as we wake up our skin has to adapt to a busy time schedule.
The product consists of active ingredients such as an Jasmin extract for elasticity and salicylic acid for a healthy glow.

Apply daily in the morning on a cleansed skin as a serum.

LA NUIT de Chanel -Recovery
Our skin never sleeps. It’s even most active between 11 pm -4 am. Yet, the quality of our sleep has decreased.
Two ingredients guard our skin during night time; Frankinscence extract to soothe and hyaluronic acid to plump.

Apply as a last beauty gesture before you go to sleep.

LE WEEKEND de Chanel -Regenarate
Reset! This is also a weekend break for your skin.
Rosa Centifolia softens the skin and  a very mild glycolic acid complex stimulates moisturization.

Apply once a week in the morning and the evening instead of all your regular skincare products.

The products have a light texture, are developed to be combined with other beauty products and are suitable for all ages and skintypes. Use it daily as part of your beauty routine or as a treatment

Diane Kruger is the ambassador and spokeperson for ‘Where Beauty Begins’. The campaign in which she features was directed by Peter Lindbergh. Watch the video below:

Find these three Chanel essentials at your selected beauty retailers and Chanel boutiques.
LE JOUR de Chanel  50 ml €75
LA NUIT de Chanel 50 ml €75
LE WEEKEND de Chanel 50 ml €90

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