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Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect

photo 3Looking for a good skincare line that won’t cost an arm and a leg? Boots No 7 offers the Protect & Perfect line, designed specifically for young skin of women aged 25-35. The products help to delay signs of ageing while boosting radiance and refining pores.

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The Day Cream smoothes fine lines and delays new ones from forming, while also offering a SPF 15 and Pro-retinol complex (which helps boost and maintain elasticity).

The Night Cream works while you’re sleeping to revitalize and renew skin. Antioxidant repair environmental and free radical damage from throughout the day.

To boost the effectiveness of the day and night creams, a special Serum has been designed to further enhance skin in just four weeks. A creamy – though not greasy – formula is rich in antioxidants and retinol, which enliven complexion and help reduce the appearance of pores.

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And finally, because the sensitive skin around our eyes needs special care, there’s the EyeCream. Working to reduce puffiness and dark shadows, the cream reduces the appearance of lines while also protecting against environmental threads like sun and dirt.

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Boots No 7 products are available in Holland at the Boots webshop.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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