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Beauty by Roos: Hairloxx

hairloxx14Since last week, my hair is ‘extended’. Well, not longer as it already has enough length, but extended in volume. I am putting the Beauty by Roos Hairloxx to the test.

I would be the last person thinking of taking extensions, though I know plenty of girls -including some friends- who don’t shy away from adding some extra ‘body’ to their locks.

You have to be sure where to take them, because if you don’t go to a professional salon it might damage your hair, and we don’t want any of that!


Beauty by Roos is a professional salon founded by Roos van Binsbergen, with already 5 locations throughout the Netherlands. She delved into the phenomenon of hair extensions at a young age when she felt insecure about her own hair and lack of volume, and started the first salon in 2007 at age 25. With all the knowledge she acquired about hair extensions, the next logical step would be to create her own line of premium certified hair extensions, and that’s how Hairloxx came about.

The Hairloxx have been ‘blending’ with my own hair for a week now. They were inserted with the Ultra Sonic technique (ultrasounds don’t damage the hair) and are a mix of two colors -as my hair is not plain chestnut, but with a hint of golden brown- to achieve a natural result.

True, the results are a full(er) head of hair, and it’s thicker. I have tried it out of curiosity, and even if I’d rather have my own natural hair (that’s just my personal thing), I would definitely recommend it to any girl out there who feels insecure about her hair, or if you’d like some extra volume or length for a special occasion.

The colors of Hairloxx Professional Hairextensions are not numbered like they usually are, but named after the world’s style capitals, such as Milan, Barcelona, New York or London.
There are two possibilities to purchase your Hairloxx; a single time for € 175, or with a monthly subscription of € 75. Included in the price is: inserting the Hairloxx, cut, style, blow dry and a 3 month guarantee.

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