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Aveda’s Natural Hair Colour

photo 1Are you looking to change your hair colour, but interested in a more natural solution? I’ve been getting blonde highlights since I was 16 years old, but thinking of all the bleach in my hair is worrisome. Not only is it incredibly drying and damaging for my hair, but can it also seep into my scalp?

In search of a more natural solution, I paid a visit to Aveda for a touch-up on my roots. Aveda’s hair dye is up to 96% naturally derived, using plant power instead of petrochemicals like ammonia.


Red tea rooibos is high in antioxidants to help protect colour formula, while castor bean oil adds shine. Added corn makes it easy to rinse dye from hair, while green tea extract creates a broader spectrum of colour. The results are stunning, ultra-pure pigments that are fade-resistant and have UV filters.

I was sceptical that I could still get the white-blonde look that I love, without a high chemical factor. When the foils came out, my jaw-dropped. The colour is flawless – exactly what I had hoped for – and making it all the better is the fact that it’s 96% natural.

If you want to ramp up your hair salon experience, the Aveda Dayspa offers a blissful Hair Spa “facial for your hair.” It makes a visit to the hair salon a total spa experience! Instead of a regular wash and dry, the Hair Spa includes a deep conditioning oil treatment – and while it soaks into your hair, you get to have a scalp and back massage!  After a rinse, another oil treatment is applied – and while that soaks in, you get a hand massage! It’s a sensory journey, with one great thing after another.

Following a final wash and blow-out, my hair was incredibly soft and frizz-free! All the natural, moisturizing oils worked wonders on  my dry and damanged locks. Check out my before and after photos to see how gorgeous the dye turned out.

photo 3

Aveda products are developed in a cruelty-free manner and made using certified organic oils, the harvesting of which supports organic farming and works to strengthen local communities.

My go-to Aveda salon is the Aveda Dayspa near the old Olympic stadium in Amsterdam Zuid (Laan der Hesperiden 90).

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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