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From studs to sleek

Balenciaga_LeDix_3Alexander Wang has made a first collection of bags since he was appointed as Creative Director of the house of Balenciaga. The result? Sleek bags.

Rock ’n roll has left the building when it comes to the designs of  the ‘Le Dix‘ bag collection. Wang has opted for a classic, boxy shape, referring to the late 30’s/early 40’s, which is in huge contrast with Ghesquière’s legacy of stud-, zip-, buckle-, stitch enhanced sturdy bags for Balenciaga. Yet, simplicity is timeless and a safe bet for Wang’s inaugural collection.


The ‘cartable’ shaped bags come in Forest Green, Pearl Gray and Black. There’s also a pochette in the range. Le Dix bag collection is available from this month.

Balenciaga_Le Dix_pochette


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