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Wednesday Wear-Abouts

WWA_3juli_2Can you imagine? It’s the first week of July and I am still not wearing any shorts or dresses, because it’s merely 16 degrees and rainy…pfff. Which warm country should I move to??

I had an appointment at a radiostation this afternoon for a monthly item, so the outfit consisted of black jeans and a jacket. Can never go wrong with that.


What I am wearing today:

Black-ish blue short A-symmetic jacquard blazer/jacket with floral print -perfect mix between the Asia trend and Isabel Marant’s boho chic- from Warehouse. Underneath I wear a plain white T-shirt from Topshop, which is longer on the back. My black skinny jeans are from Acne (the Skin 5 model), and my shoes are oldies. I bought these suede ankle boots 4 years ago in London during fashionweek. I needed more comfortable high heels that the ones I took with me. They are from Office, look better with the day (because used yet not worn out), make me look taller and are comfortable to wear as well. My feather necklace is from Fashionology, and my leather and silver bracelet is from Thomas Sabo (I think it’s from the men’s line, but more my style anyway).

And a little extra for you to bring some ‘shopping’ comfort on this cold and wet Summer day…Use the code Digitalistas20 for your purchases on and receive €20 discount when you spend a minimum of €80. The discount is available until July 31st.

For previous Wednesday Wear-Abouts, click here. Next week’s Wednesday Wear-About I promise you a funky festival outfit!




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