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Singapore Airlines: Book the cook

BooktheCook1Planning a trip to Asia? Flying business with Singapore Airlines perhaps? You lucky bird. Because we had a taste of the menu.

Especially if you’re flying to Indonesia. To get you in the right vibe, four authentic Indonesian meals have been added to the meal programme: Rendang, Rawon, Ayam Garo Rica and Ikan Goreus Bumbu Bali (this was my main course).  And the best thing is, you can order the meal of your choice in advance with the Book the Cook service.

We didn’t have our meal up in the air (though we hope we’ll do soon!), but quite high up at the Fletcher hotel, and the dessert -typical Indonesian ‘spekkoek’ with a cup of tea at the top floor with a nice view of the Dutch landscape.


Singapore Airlines has expanded their destinations, and takes over two from daughter company Silk Air; Semarang and Makassar. Also, the amount of daily flights has increased (extra flights to Jakarta and Bali). The airline will propose 162 flights to 13 destinations from August 1st.

Find more details here.


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