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Pradalicious Kate and her phone facts

Recently we wrote about Kate Moss‘ career path moving towards the design of phone accessories. These were launched this week during a lunch at the Ivy.

Kate was being her fashionable self and wore a black Prada dress with zip detail. It coincidently matched her range of accessories for Phone Warehouse…


“I was inspired by all the things I love,” she told Vogue. “It was very much about the texture and the detail – a star, a stud, some leather.”

With UK newspaper The Guardian she shared some of her personal ‘phone facts’:

1.She is on Instagram, though you may have trouble finding her (which is how she likes it). “I have about 10 followers and six of them
are children.”

2. She prefers to speak rather than text, because she is “a grammar snob. Capital letters, commas – everything has to be perfect, I can’t
stand it otherwise. So it takes too long so I just call instead.”

3.She changes phone accessories to match her clothes – eg, a dress with a silver zip means a black-and-silver phone case, not black and gold, because: “I am a bit OCD about not mixing silver and gold.”




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